How To Write Effective Job Posting

A poorly written recruitment advertisement often leads to receiving too many applicants which leads to far too much time spent on sifting through resumes and interviewing candidates who aren’t actually qualified. An ineffective ad can also lead qualified employee prospects to pass over your opportunity because the basic information needed to peak their interest wasn’t included. All of this results in an ineffective use of valuable time. In addition, in the case of the long, over-written advertisement, you have paid for advertising space that was not necessary to effectively communicate your needs. The main goal of any position posting should be to tell job seekers why they should work for you rather than your competition.

Below are a few tips for writing an effective recruitment advertisement:

Keep it organized and concise – carefully arranging your copy is critical. Don’t mix messages such as requirements, job description and contact information together. Use sub headings, bullets and different type to clearly communicate your message.

Don’t use unnecessary adjectives and adverbs – after all, you are paying for the space, so why waste it? Try to avoid irrelevant information that will only cost you more.

Give a company description - list the products and services your organization provides. Remember that you are trying to sell your organization to potential candidates so always be positive and convey what makes your company attractive.

Use descriptive job titles – don’t get hung up on using the exact internal job title. Be descriptive about what you are looking for so that qualified candidates don’t see the title as a barrier.

Provide a clear description of the position’s requirements and responsibilities – this should eliminate inquiries from unqualified candidates. Avoid asking for a specific number of year’s experience – this can create a barrier for potentially-qualified candidates.

Include the position’s salary range – ads that don’t include wage information gather little attention from serious job seekers.

Highlight benefits – describe what’s in it for them. You don’t have to outline the complete benefits package, but make it difficult for the job seeker to overlook your opportunity.

Make your message personal – always make the tone of your copy conversational. This allows the candidate to mentally picture themselves in the position. Make your copy seem as if you are speaking directly to the job seeker.

Include clear contact information and instructions – be clear on how, when and where you’d like to be contacted. If a prospect finds it difficult to inquire about the position, they will most likely move onto the next opportunity.

A properly-written recruitment advertisement will generate more qualified candidates and in some cases, significantly reduce expenses. This will allow you to recruit and retain top talent. Have a position to post? Post it online with

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