What do I get by posting my jobs at JobFinder.am

JobFinder.am team invests huge amount of effort and resources to guarantee that the small fee you pay indeed provides you with services of a bigger value. Some of which include:

  • saved time (your expensive man-hours can be spent on other important activities of yours).
  • access to convenient automated tools, which will help you to keep postings centralized and organized.
  • promotion of your job postings through JobFinder.am channels (media ads, student campuses, email distribution) such that it reaches interested professionals.

By registering at JobFinder.am you also get access to these services*:
  • All your postings are spell checked and, if necessary, suggestions are offered to improve the posting.
  • Translation services offered to translate your job posting to other available languages, if desired.
  • Beside being sent via email job applications can be accessed and reviewed online by logging in to your JobFinder.am account.
  • "One-click job posting" posting feature allows you to create standard posting by single click.
  • Questionnaire can be associated with your job postings to pre-filter the applications and candidates.
  • Although we do not recommend, but by your request our operators can copy your postings to any of your desired web site and save your time

*Some of the services listed above are available only to Gold, Platinum or VIP members.

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