Why Register at JobFinder.am

The short answer is: simply because it is the best career portal in Armenia!

However, here are some other important reasons:

  • It is fact, that in developed countries, absolute majority of employers and job seekers use mainly Internet for all their career needs. In Armenia with growing number of people using Internet all trends indicate that in near future in Armenia as well Internet will become the main instrument for employers and candidates to fulfill their career needs.
  • JobFInder.am is dedicated STRICTRLY for career services. It contains material and functionality related ONLY to job search and hiring services.
  • Portal is constantly monitored by fulltime personnel and all customer requests are addressed within a matter of hours.
  • Finally, by advertising at JobFinder.am you gain/sustain reputation of serious company since your postings are listed among ones from Top Armenian enterprises; also you participate in support of the initiative to maintain, improve and grow world class career portal in Armenia.

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