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Import/ Export Supervisor
Job Information
Company: Jermuk Group CJSC Location: Armenia, Yerevan
Employment Type: Full Time Open Dates: 15-11-18 00:00 To 05-12-18 23:59
Category: Sales Salary: N/A
Experience: 3 year(s) Preferred Age: --------
Education: Bachelor Degree (BS) Preferred Gender: Female

Job Description

Job Responsibilities
-Represent the Company and to establish business contacts
-Carry out monitoring of external markets
-Hold preliminary negotiations and establish commercial relationship with retail and wholesale companies abroad
-Prepare the required package of documents for preparing and concluding contracts with foreign partners, if necessary, participate in signing of them
-Organize and oversee product export/ import documentation with partners and relevant government agencies, ensure compliance with legal requirements
-Supervise the implementation of the final contracts
-Identify and order the proper quantity of raw material, negotiate pricing and shipment terms, and oversee the timely delivery of materials
-Maintain adequate inventory, schedule and receive shipments of raw materials, as well as schedule manufacturing
-Implement other job-related functions

Required Qualifications
-Higher education
-Excellent knowledge of English language
-Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
-Professional planning experience
-Knowledge of the terms and conditions of contract signing and execution
-Knowledge of the ways of analysis, collecting, processing and information transfer
-Knowledge of the basis of marketing, principles and psychology of sales
-Knowledge of business ethics and rules for establishing business relationships
-Effective negotiation skills

Application Procedure
Please apply to this job by sending your cover letter and resume to the following email.
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Please, clearly mention that you have heard about this position from career portal.

About Company
"Jermuk Group" CJSC is a huge mineral and spring water producing company in Armenia. "Jermuk Group" CJSC has been established in 1999 in Jermuk city.

Apply directly via email:
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