Converse Bank CJSC

V. Sargsyan 26/1, Yerevan, RA

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"Converse Bank" closed joint stock company is one of the leading banks of Armenia. It provides persistently high growth rate and safe protection of its Customers' and Shareholders' funds. Due to trust of customers and Partners, the Customer base of the Bank has drastically increased at five times during the last two years. The Bank's balanced policy is a guarantee for stable and high financial and economic data. High professional excellency of the personnel enables the Bank to response promptly to the changes in the infrastructure of the market, concentrate the necessary volume of the Funds in the most perspective trends, leaving behind competitors. The Bank enjoys authority and reputation in business and financial circles both in Armenia and abroad, as one of top priority development trends for the Bank is implementation of new banking technologies, safeguarded and guaranteed allocation of resident and non-resident customers' funds, opportunity to provide them with the complete range of banking services. Year by year in parallel with the development and enlargement of the Bank there was an increase aslo in the number of workers. Currently Bank has 575 employees.

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