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DONOS is a French IT consulting company and a Certified Solution Atlassian Partner with a branch in Armenia since October 2019. We provide consultancy around Atlassian products (installation, integration, configuration,customization, training and support ...). We value "People before Software" as change management is core before setting up new Software Solutions and we want to partnership with our customers in the long run with continuous improvement.

DONOS wishes to gather a team of multidisciplinary consultants able to work together upon the challenges of tomorrow.

DONOS values: Team, Loyalty, Adaptability, Intrapreneurship.

And because we spend most of our time at work, comfort and casual environment will always be a priority.

How and where we work:

At DONOS AM, we value team work and team effort. Even though we have our own projects on the daily basis we chat or call each other almost every day to help one another as we all have different skills and experiences we can share. When we are not on the client site or at the office we can also work from home.

Find more information here : and on our main partner Atlassian

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